Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is this where I live?

I’m the type of person that gets home sick. Easily. Even if I’ve got the whole family travelling with me and we’re only gone for a couple days, I will most likely at some point just want to be home.

So one day, as I was traveling with my sister and some other folks from our church down to the Mexican border, I started to think about this home-sickness. Why do I feel like this? Why do I miss home, no matter who I’m travelling with, and almost no matter how long I’m gone? Where does this feeling come from? I can’t say that it matches any other feeling – in some ways it’s a sadness, in some ways a hidden discomfort with the unknown, in some ways it’s a weariness of not knowing these new places as well as I know my own…. However one describes it, there’s just this particular desire to be home.

And then, I started to think about my Home – that place that’s Home not because of an address but because of Who lives there. I started to think about how much I want to be there too.

Then I looked a little deeper. Why do I feel so lonesome for my home on good ole North 51st Ave, when the Home I should be lonesome for is the one where my Father lives – the one our Bride Groom has gone to prepare for us; that’s where I should want to be more than anything – and not because it’s got streets of gold and pearly gates. For one thing, that would be esteeming the created more than the Creator. And besides – who’ll be able to even notice once we see Him for whom we lived, for whom we willingly die? If we just want to go to Heaven to see the amazing bling and stay out of hell, it’s more than completely missing the point. The reason that Heaven is Home is because that’s where my Father, my Brother, my Family all live. And I want to be there too – because I love them all – but most importantly Jesus Christ.

So this made me look deeper yet. I’m lonesome for my physical home, because it’s what’s familiar – this particular house is where I’ve been for almost half my life. I’ve lived in the same state my whole life. I know my way around most places, and have pretty good guesses for the rest. I know generally what kind of people to expect to see here, I can usually guess when someone is not a native of my state, and I can usually tell who’s never known another state. I’m familiar with my home – and I like it. But am I as familiar with my eternal Home? Am I familiar enough with it to know who else is from There? Can I hear in someone’s voice the “accent” of a heavenly country? What’s more, can someone hear those “accents” in my voice?

It is my hope as I start this new venture of a blog that I will grow in my knowledge of my Home land, and that as I’m enlightened by the Words of my Father and those of His children, that the words I write will encourage you on your pilgrimage in this far country.  

As I go about my life, whether home or roaming about the country, I will always be Homesick; for that City “whose builder and maker is God.”     


Rick and Marilyn said...


You have a real gift for writing. I hope you keep cultivating it.

Funny you started a blog at the same time I did. I just got up last nite. I would very much appreciate comments from you and your family, by the way.

You also have some very cool graphics on your blog. Did you do that yourself?

Love to all from Der Professor

Sadie said...

Thank you for your encouragement! It means a lot to me. :)

I will certainly take a look at your blog - and jump in when I can!

I can't really take too much credit for the cool graphics - for the most part Blogger took care of that. (Though I couldn't take it entirely as they handed it to me - the graphic designer in me wouldn't allow for that. ;) )

Thanks again for taking a look and for your kind words! Hope your blogging venture goes splendidly! :)

brytni said...

Hi Sadie!
Your blog looks Great! I enjoyed your post very much... Thanks for letting me know about it! :)The Lord be with you and bless your efforts to glorify Him on this blog. Love you BUNCHES!

Jill Stanish said...

Your blog is beautiful, Sadie! Looking forward to your future posts :o)

Gingerbread said...

Reminds me of an old song by BJ Thomas:
Home Where I Belong
They say that heaven's pretty
And living here is too
But if they said that I
would have to choose between the two
I'd go home, going home, where I belong

And sometimes when I'm dreaming
It comes as no surprise
That if you look and see
The homesick feeling in my eyes I'm going home, going home, where I belong

While I'm here I'll serve him gladly
And sing him all my songs I'm here, but not for long
And when I'm feeling lonely
And when I'm feeling blue
It's such a joy to know that I am only passing through
I'm headed home, going home, where I belong

And one day I'll be sleeping,
When death knocks on my door
And I'll awake and find that I'm not homesick anymore
I'll be home, going home, where I belong

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