Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn's Artist

Tonight as I gazed at the autumn sunset, it’s blazing orange, crimson hues, and golden beams all in beautiful coordination with the fading leaves, I was reminded of the Source of Artistry.

How often have we been entranced by a canvas and paint, assembled in a beautiful chemistry of thought and emotion, conveying without words the heart and soul of its creator? Yet how often do we stop to appreciate the beauty made from nothing, through which our very God and Savior has reached out, putting forward to us a part of His heart, His soul….

This is not just an invitation to stop and smell the roses; this is an invitation to peer into the mind of the God who makes them.


Gingerbread said...

Very poetically written.

Brytni Jade said...

Lovely Post sister! The Lord does indeed reveal Himself to us through His glorious creation! How beautiful are the works of the Lord! The paintings on canvas that you spoke of pale in comparison to the "artistry" of God!Thank you for the reminder to pause in the business of our daily lives to reflect, ponder, admire and give thanks to our Lord God in heaven, for His wondrous works to the children of men! Love you! ~Brytni

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