Tuesday, November 29, 2011


"We like love. Love deals in relationships, while truth deals in cold hard facts.
"But Jesus never compromised one for the other. The problem we have with truth is that it cares nothing for our feelings or preferences, and pays no tribute to our opinions or the sacredness of our dogma. Truth is about reality. It is concerned not with the way we believe things to be, or the way we would like then to be, but with the way things actually are. Truth is spun from the fabric of facts and therefore cannot bend to accommodate the wishes or sensibilities of the masses. Truth is not the product of a vote or a democracy and has nothing to do with the will of the people. It will not bow to the wealthy like a preening politician. It cannot be bribed. Nor can it, in the name of compassion, make exception for the aged or the unfortunate. It never has and never will enter into agreement with the proud or unbelieving and offers no parley to the religious and the self-righteous. Truth is what it is." 

-Ben Davenport, from the forward to "The Bravehearted Gospel"


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